Maca Pregnancy Success Stories

Maca, The High Altitude Peruvian Plant, has shown tremendous success in regulating women’s menstrual cycle. It will increase your chances of conceiving according to numerous studies.

Maca Fertilty Success Stories

We’d been trying for a baby for 1.5 years; I was willing to try anything. We don’t have $$$ to spend on RE treatment, and after reading a LOT of reviews about maca, I figured “why not – can’t hurt”. I started maca roughly around my ovulation date (just because that’s when I received the pills in the mail), and took 2 of the 800mg. pills every morning. Four weeks later, I got a positive pregnancy test – and confirmed it with a blood test.”

“We did end up putting my husband on the men’s fertility blend with GREAT results. We got pregnant the third month of him using that product. I continued to take Maca through my entire pregnancy and still continue to take it on a daily basis because I believe strongly in the health benefits for women. It’s great to find a natural product with great results so we never had to end up at a fertility clinic.

“I was told about Maca Root by a friend. I did research regarding medical studies. My hope was to regulate my irregular cycles as we have been trying to get pregnant for 10 months. Prior to Maca Root I would go 7 weeks between cycles. I started Maca Root on the first day of my period last month. I ovulated normal, confirmation viz Ovulation Predictor Tests. Today, two days before my missed period I got a positive pregnancy test! Such a blessing.”

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